4 Helpful Tips For Creating A Family-Friendly Yard

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4 Helpful Tips For Creating A Family-Friendly Yard

10 November 2014
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Creating a yard that looks aesthetically pleasing and is suitable for children can be a challenge, but it's not impossible if you invest some time into planning the landscaping. While you may be a fan of tropical plants or spiked fences, they might not be suitable areas for your children.

Keeping in mind the need for safe plants, hardscapes, and other elements will all lead to your yard being family friendly.

Make Safety a Priority

Children can easily wander off your property when you're not constantly keeping an eye on them, making fencing a smart idea. Getting a fence constructed around the perimeter of your yard helps add some needed privacy and prevents your children from leaving as easily. After installing a fence, you'll want any gates secured with a lock that your children cannot use.

Choose Plants with Your Children in Mind

A great way to get your child involved with landscaping is by picking plants that they can help grow. If you enjoy gardening, this is a good opportunity to plant a small garden just for your children to use.

Some good examples of plants that are easy to grow and can be fun for your children are listed below:

  • Strawberries
  • Mint
  • Aloe
  • Chives

Pick Out a Safe Hardscape and Paving

Whether you're getting a patio put in or are getting some walkways constructed, you'll need to take the time to select hardscape and paving that is suitable for your yard. Children are often more adventurous than you may be comfortable with, leading to them getting scraped knees and cuts when playing outdoors. A good way to reduce these injuries is by choosing hardscape and paving with them in mind, such as soft mulch or smooth stones.

Include an Area for Playing

When planning out the landscaping for your yard, it's easy to go overboard and forget about the need for an open space that your children can play in. An open grassy area, no matter how small, can be a great spot for your children to spend time outdoors. Skipping chemical fertilizers and weed deterrents will also be necessary to keep the space suitable for your children.  

Designing your backyard can be an exciting part of being a homeowner, but it can also be difficult if you're unsure of what would be best for your entire family. If you have children and want them to enjoy the yard as much as you will, use the tips above. Consult a professional, like Cottonwood Landscapes LLC, if you have any questions.