Benefits Of Adding An Epoxy Coating To Your Garage Floor

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Benefits Of Adding An Epoxy Coating To Your Garage Floor

12 November 2014
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Over time, concrete garage floors develop stains, chips, and an unattractive appearance. An epoxy floor coating can help to improve the appearance and function of your garage floor, making it a place you'll love to spend time in. 

Installing an epoxy floor coating has the following benefits: 

Convenient: Replacing the concrete floor in your garage can be quite expensive and time consuming. The old, stained flooring must be removed in pieces. Then you must allow time for new concrete to be poured, as well as for it to set. An epoxy floor coating, however, is applied over your existing flooring. Once you've selected your preferred color, a professional contractor adds the epoxy and you're back to using your garage as usual. The epoxy is self-leveling, so it fills in any low areas of your floor and hides small imperfections. 

Easy Clean Up: Whether you use your garage as an indoor play area for your children, a workshop, or for storing and repairing your vehicles, the floor is sure to get a bit messy over time. Unfinished concrete absorbs liquids like motor oil and paint. This can make an unfinished concrete floor difficult, if not impossible, to clean. When you apply an epoxy floor coating, however, you'll be able to enjoy a neat, smooth surface that's easy to keep clean. Epoxy seals out water, grime, and oils, preventing them from sinking into your concrete floor. The floor coating can be swept and mopped, and spills can be wiped up with a cloth or cleaned with soap and water. Epoxy is chemical resistant and water resistant, so adding this type of coating will keep your flooring looking nice for years to come. 

Attractive: Epoxy floor coatings are bright, clean, and visually appealing. If your garage floor is currently covered by oil stains, paint drips, and grime, you may be pleasantly surprised at the change you'll see when you have an epoxy floor coating applied. Epoxy finishes are available in numerous colors, so you can choose the look that best accents your garage. The surface is hard wearing, long lasting, and extremely durable, making epoxy a great option for high traffic or high use areas. 

When you're tired of looking at your stained, chipped garage floor and are ready for a more attractive option, it may be time to consider an epoxy floor coating. Contact a local contractor, such as Beauty-Crete, today to learn more about the benefits of installing this type of flooring.