Is It Time To Call A Plumber?

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Is It Time To Call A Plumber?

21 November 2014
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When water seems to be a problem, the first thing that many people wonder is if it is time to call a plumber. For major leaks and installations, it may be. What if the problem is smaller? Should you call a plumber or try a home repair first? Here is a closer look at a few minor problems, and solutions that may prevent a call to the plumber.

Drippy Faucet

Over time, some faucets begin to drip. This may simply mean that the o-ring inside the valve is worn and needs to be replaced or that the valve assembly is worn. In this case, the repair is simple with the right tools. Turn off the water valve under the sink, remove the knob and the valve stem, and replace the o-ring and valve stem if necessary. If this does not fix the problem, or if the faucet appears to be dripping from somewhere other than the spout, it may be time to replace the entire faucet. 

Clogged Toilet

Often, toilets become clogged because people put too much paper in them. Usually, this is a fairly easy fix with a plunger. However, if the toilet continues to clog, using a liquid drain cleaner or a pipe snake may help to clear the obstruction. If needed, a plumber can help you evaluate the situation when the clog is further into the pipes, or caused by some other obstruction.

Slow Moving Drain

Over time, hair and soap scum can build up inside bathtub drains, causing them to be slow to function. Sometimes, liquid drain cleaner or a pipe snake can help you to clear away the clog. However, if these methods don't work, or if the drain clears, but quickly begins having problems again, there may be a root in your drainage system that hair or residue is getting caught on. Try leaving the liquid drain cleaner in the pipe for a longer period of time or plunging to help break up the clog. If roots continue to be a problem, it may be necessary to have a professional remove them.

Stopped up Garbage Disposal

Often, garbage disposals can become stopped up if there are food particles or small pieces of silverware caught in them. If you are very careful, these things can be removed by hand. Simply make sure the disposal is turned off, reach down, and remove the foreign object. However, if the disposal is still not functioning properly after the debris has been removed, or the motor sounds like it is binding, it may be time to replace the system. 

Hopefully, by following this simple guide you can easily determine if your situation can easily be fixed, or if it is time to call a plumber like Garrett Plumbing.