Prepare Your Outside Air Conditioning Unit For Winter

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Prepare Your Outside Air Conditioning Unit For Winter

21 November 2014
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Before winter hits, you need to prepare your outside air conditioning unit, or HVAC unit, for winter. By winterizing your unit, you can protect it from the elements and keep it working well for years to come.

Step 1: Turn Off Your Unit

The first thing you need to do is find the air conditioning circuit near your unit and turn it off. The circuit is usually covered up by a plastic or metal lid. By turning the unit off, it will not accidentally kick on if you have an unseasonably warm summer day. This will keep water out of your HVAC unit that could potentially freeze once winter gets back to its normal business.

Step 2: Wash Your Unit

Use a hose to wash your unit. Over time, dirt, dust, dead bugs and animal droppings can accumulate on your unit. Make sure you also get rid of any grass clippings, leaves or small branches that are clinging to your unit. Allow your unit to dry completely before moving onto the next step.

Step 3: Cover Up The Pipes

Purchase foam pipe covers at your local hardware store. You will want to cover the exposed pipes on your unit with the foam pipe coverings. This will protect your pipes from the winter elements and help to prevent freezing. You will want to cut the foam to make it fit both the length and diameter of your pipes. After you have put the foam in place, secure it with duct tape.

Step 4: Cover Up The Unit

Purchase a vinyl or plastic HVAC cover at your local hardware store. For the best results, you should purchase one that is waterproof. You can either purchase just regular plastic or vinyl covering or you can purchase a cover from your HVAC manufacturer designed specifically for your unit.

To secure the cover to your unit, you can wrap either bungee cords or vinyl ropes around your unit. Make sure that the cover really snug. You do not want it to blow away during a winter storm.

If you want your HVAC unit to work well next summer, take the time today to secure it and protect it from the winter weather. Turn off the electricity to your HVAC unit, wash it off, and then cover up the unit as well as the pipes. Throughout the winter, check on your unit and make sure that the cover is secure, and remove any debris that has accumulated on top of the unit. If problems persist, contact air conditioning repair professionals. When the warm weather comes around again, your unit will be ready to go.