3 Signs That It Is Time For Some Replacement Windows For Your Home

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3 Signs That It Is Time For Some Replacement Windows For Your Home

8 December 2014
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If you are trying to figure out what might need to be replaced around your home, look no further. There is a good chance that you might need some replacement windows in your home, especially if you have no idea of the last time they were replaced - if they were ever replaced at all. To help you get a grasp on whether this is your next home improvement project, you are going to want to consider the following three signs that you are in need of replacement windows.

The Frame Is Rotting

Sure, the glass itself might look just fine, but what is the condition of the frames on the windows? If they are rotting or look to be in worse condition than any of the other woodwork in your home, it might just be time to make a few upgrades. When the wood frames of the windows start to fall apart, they become less stable. They are also at risk for allowing glass panels to fall from the window, putting yourself and your loved ones at risk of injury.

You Feel A Breeze

A cool breeze can be a nice thing to feel once in a while, but not when that breeze is coming through a shut window. When air is able to enter or exit through the window, you are creating a bad situation for yourself, as you might just find your utilities bills increase. This is due to the fact that your heating and cooling systems will be fighting hard to make sure that your home is kept at a comfortable temperature in spite of the breeze coming in from outside. If you want to stay comfortable and do not want to pay the increased utility bills, you might want to look into replacements for your residential windows.

The Windows Will Not Stay Open

If you have older windows in your home, they might rely on weights in the sides of the window frame to keep the window open when you want some fresh air. However, when those weights break, generally due to cord rot, your windows will no longer stay open on their own. You would have to prop them open with a book or a board, which is considerably dangerous. The last thing you would want is for that window to come crashing down.

As you can see, there are some easy things to look for when trying to determine if you need to replace the windows throughout your home. If you determine that this is indeed your next project, you will want to make sure that you are only replacing them with energy efficient windows from a retailer that you can trust. For more information about replacing windows, contact a company like Fas Windows and Doors.