How To Use Tropical Landscaping Around Your Hot Tub

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How To Use Tropical Landscaping Around Your Hot Tub

20 April 2015
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If you have a hot tub in your backyard and it looks out of place, it may be time to get serious about landscaping. In order for the landscaping to go smoothly, you'll need to consider what kinds of projects you should tackle for the best finished look. If you're a fan of the tropical theme, consider some of the following ideas for improving the look of your yard and adding value to your home.

Use Paving Around the Hot Tub

An easy way to polish up the space around your hot tub is by incorporating paving. This can be done either with paving stones leading from the main patio to the hot tub or adding a full deck around the tub. Some good ideas for sticking with the tropical theme include natural stones and even cement stained in a darker brown color.

Choose No-Litter Plants

When picking out plants at your local nursery, you'll need to make sure that the vegetation you choose won't shed a lot. What this means is that the plants won't leave a lot of branches, leaves, and twigs since it could all end up in the hot tub on a windy day. Some good plants for landscaping near a hot tub or pool includes everything from aloe to yucca.

Make Variety a Priority

In order to make sure the landscaping around your hot tub looks interesting and welcoming, you'll want to ensure that there's plenty of variety. Choosing different plants that vary in colors and sizes can help give your eyes a lot to look at, making the landscaping feel more finished.

Provide a Cover

One of the most important things to include when landscaping around a hot tub is overhead shelter. Not only will this help keep plants and debris from falling into the hot tub when the cover is off, it will also ensure that you're shielded from the sun while using it during the day. When choosing a cover with the tropical theme in mind, look for linen canopies and thatched roofs.

Incorporate Lighting

The lighting you use around your hot tub can play a big part in boosting the tropical theme you're going for. Some good ideas include tiki lights mounted into the ground and fairy lights strung up in the canopy.

In order to improve the landscaping around your hot tub, you'll want to look into which changes can make the biggest differences in both appearance and function. With the ideas above, you'll be able to achieve the tropical theme you want and give your hot tub the finished look you want.