Creating A Child's Wall Mural For The Cost Of Paint

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Creating A Child's Wall Mural For The Cost Of Paint

18 June 2015
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Painting a child's room can be a lot of fun. Getting your child involved with the selection of the plans will help you create memories that you will flash back to each time you walk into the room. One way to truly personalize your child's room and make it a fun place to spend time in is by painting a wall mural.

Wall murals can be a big investment if you pay someone to do it for you. In fact, the most basic mural can cost $70, and more intricate designs can cost over a thousand. Wouldn't it be nice if you could paint a perfect mural and pay for little more than the paint that you need? Below, you will learn how to build a projector and paint a mural of your very own at a portion of the cost of having it done professionally.

To complete this project you will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Duct tape
  • Sharp utility knife
  • Lamp without a shade
  • Foil pie pan
  • Transparency sheets – 8x10 inch
  • Permanent marker
  • Colored chalk
  • Paints
  • Paintbrushes – different sizes

Build a Projector

Build a square-shaped tube out of the cardboard. You want the measurements to be 8x10 inches for the opening by about 2 feet in length. Use the duct tape to hold the box together.

Now, cut a hole through the center of the pie pan with a slit going to one of the edges. Slide the pie pan around the light-bulb end of the lamp. This will work to reflect more of the light from the bulb through the tube and keep the bulb from touching the sides of the tube. Stick the lamp into one end of the box.

When you're done, the light should shine out one end of the tube and create a spot-light effect on the wall.

Draw Your Image

Now that you have the projector built, it is time to draw the image that you will make into the mural. You can get these pictures from your child's favorite books, television shows, coloring books, magazines or anything else you can find.

Lay the transparency sheet over the image and trace it carefully. Take your time because the mural on the wall is based on how well you draw the image on the transparency sheet.

Once you are done, tape the transparency sheet to the end of the tube.

Draw the Outline

Close the drapes and blinds in the room to get it as dark as you can. Turn on the lamp and direct it onto the wall that you want to paint. If you want the image to be smaller, move the projector closer to the wall. If you want the image to be larger, move the projector further from the wall.

After you have the image sized and positioned properly, use the chalk to draw the outline of the image. When you're done, turn on the light and look at your work. Is it ready for paint, or does it need some improvements? If you need to make improvements, simply erase the chalk and redo the areas that you are not pleased with.

Get Painting

Okay, the fun part – painting! Take your time as you fill in the outline on the wall. Depending on the detail you are incorporating into the mural, this step could take a couple of hours or a couple of weeks to complete, but have fun with it!

If you don't feel comfortable, or don't have the time to create your own mural for your child's room, you can always contact a custom painter to do it for you. To learn more about painting, contact a business like Thompson Painting.