Making A Trendy Pendant From Hardware

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Making A Trendy Pendant From Hardware

15 August 2015
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If you are looking for a fun jewelry piece that will stand out, consider making a necklace using a large washer as the focal point. Many people enjoy the look of industrial fashion, and hardware jewelry would fit right into this realm. Here are some instructions to follow to make a fun, inspiring necklace using washers you would find in a hardware store.

Materials You Will Need

  • Page from an old book (or a photocopy of a page on beige paper)
  • Large washer
  • Utility knife or scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Polyurethane
  • Small detail paintbrush
  • Black paint
  • Leather cord
  • Small washers
  • Decorative beads

Inspire Yourself

Find a page from a favorite book that has a few words you wish to display on your necklace. The size of the print and the size of your washer will determine how many words will be seen on your jewelry. When you find a few words you wish to have displayed, trace your washer over them using a pencil. Cut out this part of the book or printout using a utility knife or pair of scissors.

Prepare The Washer

Apply a thin coating of glue to the underside of the printed page and line it up so it fits over the washer. Press firmly into place and allow to dry overnight. Paint over the printed paper with polyurethane to keep it sealed in place. This will also give the pendant a shiny top coat. At this time, if you wish to inscribe the back of your washer with any personalization, use a detail paintbrush and black craft paint to print lettering, such as your name or a date, on the back of the washer. Use the polyurethane once again to cover the inscription so it stays in place.

Assemble The Necklace

Use a piece of leather cording to keep your pendant on your neck. Cut a piece of cord to about a foot and a half in length. Fold it in half and stick the looped end through your washer so a few inches are protruding through the middle. String the cut ends of the cord through the middle of this loop, holding the washer in place as a result. Add a few small washers, like those from Montgomery's Building Supplies Inc, to each side of your necklace so they are located on both sides of your larger washer. Add a few decorative beads to each side if desired. Tie a knot in each end of the cord and tie them together and knot to keep on your neck.