5 Big Indications Your Garage Door Needs Help

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5 Big Indications Your Garage Door Needs Help

6 October 2015
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It's really easy to take your garage door for granted. It stands there solidly, providing a barrier when you need one. And then suddenly, it doesn't do what you need or what you expect, and that's a problem. Here are some signs that you need to get an expert in to work out what's going on with your garage door.

The Door Doesn't Open at All

Sometimes the solution is a simple one. Maybe the remote needs new batteries or the power is out for a bit. Other times, the solution is much more complicated. Remotes and keypads can lose programming, or the door itself can have something that physically blocks the door from raising, or lowering. Because that's the corollary to this problem: The door may not be able to close, which offers additional problems in terms of security.

The Door Is Saggy

Look at the door carefully, when it's closed and when it's open. Also pay attention while you're raising and lowering the door. Is it sagging anywhere? The middle, or one of the sides? This is an indication that one area might be loose. Or the tracks could be misaligned. Regardless, if you let the door continue on the way it is, it's going to become a much bigger problem.

The Door Closes…and Then Reopens

Have you ever closed the garage door, started to back out of the driveway, only to watch the door sweep back up? That's not a good feeling, especially if it keeps doing the same thing several times in a row. There could be problems with how the door is set up, in terms of the amount of pressure the opener uses to lower the door, or there could be something else that needs adjusting. There could also be something wrong with or blocking the safety switch.

The Door Sticks

Your garage door and its tracks and rollers collect a lot more gunk than you realize. Because of all the oil and grease that lubricates the moving parts, they attract dust and dirt, which becomes sticky and can clog up the rails. You could also just need to lubricate the rollers, particularly if that hasn't been done in a while.

The Door Is Louder Than Usual

Unless you just moved into your home, you're familiar with the normal sound of your garage door and opener. If it starts to sound louder than it usually does or it sounds markedly different, there is reason to investigate. You could have issues with one or more springs or the motor in the opener may be developing a problem.

If you suspect that your garage door needs a little bit of help, don't hesitate. Contact an expert in garage door service today to find out how to solve the problem.

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