Differences Between Truck Bed Liner Types

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Differences Between Truck Bed Liner Types

20 October 2015
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Do you own a small family farm? Do you use a pickup truck to move different supplies around your farm? If you're worried about protecting the bed of your truck, then a bed liner is for you. Here are some things you should know about the different types of truck bed liners:

Spray-on bed liners: Other types of truck bed liners may only be made for a certain make or model of vehicle. With spray-on liners, measuring is obviously not necessary. Because of the process involved, this is not a project that can be completed by the average person. You will need to take your truck into an appropriate mechanic or auto body shop and they will spray a protective coating onto the bed of your truck. Because there are no screws needed for the installation of this type of liner, rust is much less likely to be an issue than with other styles.

Rubber mat liners: These can be used on their own or to supplement other types of truck bed liners. While the rubber mats are often sold for a specific make or model, there is some leeway possible. For example, if you have double rear wheels, you may be able to purchase a liner that is meant for a truck with only single rear wheels. You would then use something like a strong utility knife to remove the additional rubber needed to make the liner fit in your vehicle. The main drawback of this type of liner is that it only protects the bottom of the truck bed. Depending on what you're hauling, you could still damage to the sides of your truck bed.

Drop-in liner: This type of liner offers more protection to the sides of your truck bed than a rubber mat liner. Unlike spray-on liners, a drop-in liner can sometimes be installed by the truck's owner, with just a little help. If you want the protection offered by a spray-on liner, but live too far away from an appropriate shop, a drop-in liner may be for you. Unfortunately, these types of truck bed liners may not be available for your make and model of truck. If your truck is more than a few years old or is an extremely uncommon model, you may have a hard time locating a drop-in liner that will fit. Since they are made out of molded plastic and not rubber, you won't be able to easily modify a similar liner to give adequate protection for your vehicle's bed.

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