Three Important Jobs That Can Extend The Lifespan Of Your Roof

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Three Important Jobs That Can Extend The Lifespan Of Your Roof

19 January 2016
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While it might not be something you spend much time looking at, the roof of your home serves as a valuable line of defense against weather elements that can cause considerable damage. As such, it's important to give some regular thought to your roof and, in particular, think about the jobs you can perform to keep the roof healthy and prolong its life. Hiring a roofing contractor to inspect your roof is ideal if you aren't able or willing to do the job yourself. Between inspections, here are three jobs that you can perform or hire someone to do that can often add years of life to your roof.

Ensure Your Attic Is Adequately Insulated

An attic that lacks proper insulation can be detrimental to the health of your roof. When heat from your attic escapes through the roof, it can form ice dams during the winter. Ice dams are barriers of ice that run the length of the edge of the roof and can prevent snow from sliding off. Over time, accumulated snow can put strain on the roof and cause damage. Additionally, the ice dam can force the water from melting snow under the roofing shingles, which can lead to the rot of your sheathing and the need for a major repair job. Add extra insulation to your attic or have a contractor do the work for you.

Install Gutter Guards

The installation of guards on your home's gutter system is an effective way to keep the gutters operating properly. Guards prevent them from filling up with leaves and seeds that can form barriers over time and push the water under your shingles, which promotes rot. This task is especially important for homeowners with multiple trees on their properties. Gutter guards are sold in a variety of different styles, but the main premise is that they contain holes or a screened section that allows rainwater to enter but blocks the entrance of debris.

Keep Your Trees Tidy

Trees can pose a risk to your roof beyond just shedding their leaves into your gutter and leading to water damage. If the trees are left to grow wildly, their branches can interfere with the shingles on your roof. In time, there's a risk of individual branches actually lifting your shingles away from the sheathing, which will allow the rain to cause damage that can be costly to fix. Keeping tabs on your tree branches—or hiring a contractor to do the work on your behalf—can save you significant roof-related headaches. If you do find that your roof needs some repairs, contact a professional roofing contractor, such as Liberty Exteriors LLC, to do the work for you.