Low Water Pressure ~ Your Well Pump May Not Be The Culprit

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Low Water Pressure ~ Your Well Pump May Not Be The Culprit

4 March 2016
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If you reside on a property that relies on well water to supply it, you have likely been advised that low water pressure is a sign of a failing well pump. This is true, but sometimes there are other things that negatively impact water pressure in well water systems. The following are examples of other things that can result in low pressure or low water flow. 

Water Source Issues

A water drought could be the cause for your water pressure issues. Your well water system will need sufficient water to provide water at optimal pressure levels. If there are restrictions on city water usage in your jurisdiction, it is a good indicator that well water supplies may also be impacted by hot weather or rainfall shortages. You can help preserve water by following the same protocols that people who rely on city water follow. For example, you could refrain from washing your vehicle at home or deactivate water sprinklers to conserve water. 

Simultaneous Water Usage

Perhaps you have noticed that the pressure issues occur when you are doing more than one thing in your home that requires the use of water. For example, you might notice that the water pressure from the kitchen faucet gets low when you are washing clothes or when the shower is being used. This is indicative of a "water draw" issue. A potential solution to this problem is getting a constant pressure system installed. This is an add-on that does what its name implies. It keeps the pressure at a consistent level when water is needed at various places throughout a property simultaneously.

Recent Renovations or Upgrades

If you had a remodeling project completed recently, it is possible that your water demands changed. Examples of projects that could impact water demands are kitchen upgrades such as a new dishwasher or adding on a new bathroom. 


Some well water system owners have hard water issues. If you have this issue, it is possible that the hard water has built up and is causing clogs. Your well casing or pipes in your home may have this buildup, which will need to be cleaned up to ensure water can flow through correctly. 

A well water professional is the best resource to use for low-pressure issues. They can perform tests to ensure that the pressure issues are not affecting the quality of your well water. Their tests can also reveal the exact cause of the pressure problems, which is important to resolving the issue. The fix for some low water pressure issues is as easy as adjusting the pressure on the pressure tank. 

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