Redoing Your Bathroom? 5 Costly Mistakes To Avoid

Will your family be expanding soon? Consider hiring a contractor to help you make necessary changes to your house.

Redoing Your Bathroom? 5 Costly Mistakes To Avoid

4 May 2016
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Planning a bathroom remodel project? It's a great way to enjoy your home more while adding value to it at the same time. But that all depends on making the right choices when renovating. To help you, here is a handy guide to the top mistakes homeowners make when planning their new bathroom.

Fudging the Budget Numbers. It's vital to be realistic about what your budget is and how much of your renovation goals it can achieve. Some homeowners start out with pie-in-the-sky dreams about their new bathroom but end up with a mishmash of a renovation when their budget fails. It's better to properly research everything you want to add or change to the bath before you start demolition so that you can avoid running out of money halfway through or having to compromise in areas that are important to you.

Overestimating Your Skill. You may feel you're a handyman-extraordinaire, but be certain you can safely and properly complete tasks like electrical installation, moving plumbing or installing fixtures before trying them yourself. While many areas of remodeling -- such as demolition, flooring installation or decoration -- are great for do-it-yourself folks, some can be dangerous, costly or illegal if done improperly. Don't be afraid to hire professional help for the things you're not experienced in. 

Underestimating Space Needs. Modern bathrooms tend to be larger and more luxurious than the older, more utilitarian versions. When planning your upgrade, don't short yourself on space. Meeting the minimum space required by local building codes may not leave much for you to enjoy. If you plan to age in the home, you may also find that a tight bathroom is a bad fit for anyone with mobility issues. In this case, bigger tends to be better. 

Not Enough Storage. Storage isn't an exciting part of home renovation, but it's a very useful one. Failing to have enough space to store supplies, towels, hygiene goods, bathrobes or your favorite bath accessories can leave you disenchanted with your bathroom. Little storage is fine for a guest bathroom, but for your everyday-use rooms, be sure to include under-sink cabinets, wall shelving, mounted cabinets, racks and hanging hooks. 

Not Thinking Long-Term. Trendy ideas can be here-today/gone-tomorrow and leave your bathroom feeling dated or less functional than you want. Instead of following the latest new idea you see in magazines or on television, work with your contractor to determine what classic and long-lasting elements you should use as a base design. You can always accessorize with fun and eclectic touches -- preferably in things that you can easily remove if you decide to sell or update. 

By avoiding these 5 design mistakes, you can ensure that you will end up with a great remodel that will serve your family and guests well for years to come.