Key Repairs For Your Wooden Windows

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Key Repairs For Your Wooden Windows

20 May 2016
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If you have attractive wooden windows in your home, you certainly don't want a problem with your windows to mar their appearance or usefulness. Fortunately, in some cases you can fix wooden window problems yourself. Let's take a look at how to deal with some of the most common issues. 


A scratch on your window pane is an annoying flaw that looks bad even if it does not affect the window's functionality. If the scratch is relatively minor, then you have a couple of good ways to make the repair yourself, but if it's a deep scratch, it's best to consult an expert. 

One good idea to fix light scratches is to use clear nail polish. First, clean and dry the glass. Rub a soft cloth over the pane to make sure that it's free of dirt or grime and completely dry. Then brush on the nail polish. Remove any excess with nail polish remover. 

Another method is to use metal polish instead of clear nail polish. After making sure that the area is free of any dirt or debris, apply the polish with a cloth.  


If one of your panes is broken, then you might be able to replace it without too much difficulty. You will need to first have a replacement pane cut to size. After removing the broken glass, old putty and the old glazier's points (the metal hardware that helps affix the glass to the sash), place fresh putty in the grooves of the sash. Then install the new pane in the grooves and attach new glazier's points to the sash. Apply more putty to the edges of the pane and let it cure. 


Another common problem with wooden windows is rattling. This typically happens because the window is not tight within the frame. To fix this, purchase some weather stripping and apply it to the window jams as well as the top of the upper sash and the bottom of the lower sash. This should make the window less loose within the frame and reduce or eliminate any rattling. Another good idea is to caulk around the edges of the glass panes. This can be done in combination with the weather stripping. 

Fixing some of the repair issues that arise with wooden windows is not especially difficult in certain instances. If a major problem crops up with your windows, however, contact a professional window specialist like those found at Port Orchard Glass.