Three Lighting Techniques To Enhance The Appeal Of Your Living Room

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Three Lighting Techniques To Enhance The Appeal Of Your Living Room

20 May 2016
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Adding comfort and style to your living room doesn't just involve choosing the right furniture and other decorative elements. It also involves choosing the best lighting. Compared to other spaces in a home, such as a kitchen or bathroom, living room lighting is often an afterthought. However, a focus on this feature can dramatically improve the room's appeal.

Layered Lighting

In the average home, the living room is used to entertain, watch television, and even read. Layered lighting ensures you have the right level of illumination for every activity. In simple terms, layered lighting is simply the installation of a combination of lighting sources in a single space.

Take a room that only has track lighting installed, for instance. While the space will be illuminated well, when watching television with the lights on, the space might be too bright. However, if there were also ambient and pendant lights in the space, these less intrusive lighting options could be relied on for this activity. Layered lighting is all about variety.

Upward Lights

Traditional recessed lighting patterns are designed so that light is illuminated in a downward pattern. Seems harmless right? The problem is that this lighting style can also produce shadows, particularly when the light is very bright. When you're performing a tedious task, such as reading, shadows can make it more challenging to see.

Consider installing upward light fixtures in your living room. Upward light fixtures are designed to make the light bounce off the ceiling, creating an ambient and relaxing effect. With upward light illumination your space will be well lit and void any shadows or blind spots.

Accent Lighting

Living rooms are often spaces where family photos and other prominent decorative elements are displayed. Accent lighting will highlight these features. This lighting can come in any form of fixture, including wall lights, spot-lights, and recessed lights. There are only two real requirements.

First, the fixture needs to deliver significantly more light to the focal point than the general lighting in the space does. Second, is proper placement. Take a family photograph, for example. The accent fixture should be installed at a 30-degree angle and at least 7 inches away from the space where the ceiling and wall meet, per foot of space between the center of the object and the ceiling.

A residential electrician can help you improve your living room's lighting. In addition to these lighting features, an electrician like those found at Excel Electric Inc can introduce you to a number of additional techniques to enhance your space.