Lights, Window And Floors: How To Make These Items Easier For Your Elderly Parent To Manage

Will your family be expanding soon? Consider hiring a contractor to help you make necessary changes to your house.

Lights, Window And Floors: How To Make These Items Easier For Your Elderly Parent To Manage

29 July 2016
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If your parent is starting to slow down and you worry about them doing things around their house on their own, and living alone, there are some features you can have installed around the house to make things easier. If performing these small tasks can be difficult for your parent on their own, look into these electronic features.  

Motorized Shades

If getting up to open and close curtains around the house, or trying to reach curtains or blinds on high windows is a problem, get motorized shades for the property, such as from Park City Blind & Design. These shades are easily controlled by a remote, or you can have them set on timers throughout the day. This means your parent doesn't have to get up and do anything to the windows when they want to open or close the shades, or when they want to have privacy throughout the house.

Remote Lighting

Not only can you have controlled blinds, but remote lighting throughout the house. This allows your parents to turn on the lights in a hallway or bedroom while they are getting ready to walk that way, or they can turn off the lights in rooms they forgot to turn them off after they are already in another room. This can prevent your parents from having to walk where they can't see, or from being worried about walking into a room that isn't lit well.

Electronic Sensor Vacuum

Vacuuming can be tiring and difficult if you have a hard time getting around. An electronic vacuum that will clean the entire space on its own with sensors is a simple way they can kep their floors clean without having to do any of the work. These come in a variety of models and are easy for your parents to turn on or off when they want to clean an area of the house.

Helping to make things easier around the house for your parents when you can't be around is a great way to help you feel that they aren't doing things that they shouldn't be, and that they aren't going to get hurt. Talk with your parents to see what different chores and tasks are causing the most problems for them, and to see what they need the most help with. You may be able to find other systems and electronic features that can help make it easier for them to live alone in their home.