Get Kitschy With A Funky And Functional Kitchen Island

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Get Kitschy With A Funky And Functional Kitchen Island

16 August 2016
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A kitchen island is the perfect place to relax and catch up with family members, prepare your favorite meals, and enjoy a morning cup of coffee. These kitschy kitchen staples also offer expanded storage in a room where there simply never seems to be enough! Talk with a kitchen remodeling contractor about adding an island to the hub of your home, and check out some of the styles available at home improvement retail venues to garner ideas for your own space.

Some cool and clever ideas for your kitchen island include these suggestions:

Cute little kitchen islands.

Worried that you lack the space for a kitchen island? Even if you have a very-small kitchen, you can still enjoy the extra counter space and storage that these clever installations provide. Consider a rolling island with locking wheels that will create a workspace as needed, and that can be moved out of the way when you have company coming!

Clever storage features.

Talk with your builder about customizing your island to accommodate your crockery, utensils, and pots and pans nicely. These remodeling experts can create cubbies, pull-outs, and racks to hold anything that you might want to keep close-at-hand, but also out of sight, with ease and a new sense of organization. This will also allow you the joy of a clean, clear counter-top in your kitchen for cooking or baking.

Pull-down options.

Another option is to create an island that juts out from a wall and that can be folded up and out of the way when you wish. Liken this concept to a Murphy bed; first you see it, then you don't! This can be an excellent solution when space is limited and you often require additional workspace or a spot for eating or studying.

Recycled kitchen islands.

An eco-friendly approach to adding a kitschy island to your kitchen could be found through repurposing something that you already have on hand. For instance, an old dresser, buffet, or cabinet can be altered to be the ideal island for your space. There are some intriguing online videos that depict the process of recycling a piece of furniture into an island, though your remodeling contractor may also have some suggestions.

A kitchen island creates a space that family tends to gather and come together; why not add one to your home? Create something that is one-of-a-kind and kitschy, while still paying attention to function and storage. Talk with your contractor about converting your kitchen with an island work-space that is perfect for your space, needs, and budget!