How To Add Molding To Recessed Windows

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How To Add Molding To Recessed Windows

2 September 2016
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Do you have recessed windows in your home? Do you want to make them look a little more stylish and dynamic? If so, you should consider adding molding to the recessed frame. This looks especially great if you coordinate with crown or baseboard molding in the same room. This article explains how to add molding to a rectangular recessed window.

What You Need

This job is actually very simple. Besides the molding product, you will need a compound miter saw and a pneumatic nail gun. The saw must have the ability to cut 45° angles. Also, make sure you have finish nails for your gun.

Installing the Molding

If your window has an extended sill, you can make a flat cut along the bottom of the vertical pieces. This means you only need to make angled cuts for the two top corners. For the best results, make the flat cut first, then place the molding onto the sill and mark where it meets the top corner. If you make the angled cuts right on the marking, you should end up with the right length piece. This is actually quicker and easier than using a tape measure. It is also better if you immediately attach the molding as soon as it is cut to the right length. Then, hold up the next piece in place and mark the other end. This ends up working much better than measuring and cutting all the pieces at once and then trying to attach them afterwards. Often, the measurement could change by a hair's width after the molding is actually nailed to the wall.

Caulking the Edges and Nail Holes

For your molding to look professional, you need to caulk the edges and cover the nail holes. You get the cleanest caulk lines if you use your fingers to spread the caulk. First, shoot the caulk into the seam with a caulk gun. Then, while wearing latex gloves, swipe the caulk with your finger. This smooths out the caulk and leaves a cleaner line. You should clean off your finger after every swipe. If you finger is clean, you will leave behind a smooth line. Also, use your finger to spread caulk over the small nail holes.

Finally, you can paint your new molding, after the caulk is completely dry. This fun and simple remodel is a great way to add a little bit of style to your window fixtures. If it turns out that the windows in your home need to be replaced because they're old our outdated, contact a window replacement company.