Modular Steel Buildings? What You Can Get For Your Money

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Modular Steel Buildings? What You Can Get For Your Money

28 November 2016
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Modular homes have been a very popular product for years. They are homes that are constructed, in sections or modules, in a factory and then delivered to a construction site. Because the homes are already pre-built, they modules only have to be installed and securely attached to each other before the home is considered complete. Now you can buy general Steel buildings that are very similar to modular homes, except that these steel buildings are not residences. Here is what you can get for your money when you purchase these ready-made steel buildings.

Machine Sheds

If you work in construction or agriculture and need a place to store your machines and their accessories, you can buy an all-steel modular building for them. The benefits of doing it this way versus buying all of the supplies or a building kit yourself is that you have a fully flushed out structure with pre-built walls and a roof dropped on your doorstep. If you pay a little extra, you can get the assembled pieces of your machine shed installed and connected, all without lifting finger. A machine shed that you do not have to spend more than a day building means more time and energy for you to focus on your construction or farming responsibilities instead.

Outdoor Arenas

When the circus comes to town or the county fair parades prize-winning animals about, where do they do it? Inside outdoor arenas, of course! If you need an outdoor covered arena for any reason (e.g., a rodeo arena or a horse riding arena for horseback riding lessons), then you can purchase a full-sized modular steel building for these purposes. The best part is, if you ever want to move your arena, the modular steel building comes apart at the same seams that secured it together, and then you move the modular sections to another location.

Other Steel Buildings Offered

Really, any building that is not a residence can be ordered from a company like Commercial Industries Company Inc. These include steel school buildings, airplane hangars and helicopter pads, warehouses, strip malls, garages, gymnasiums, and storage sheds. The size of the building does not matter, so long as the production company is able to match the dimensions of the building and make it structurally as strong as the steel used in its construction. Pieces of your building, pre-fabbed or custom made, are constructed in the factory, and the design and manufacture is overseen by a structural engineer to make sure every section is equally as strong as the others.