Dealing With Trash On Your Construction Project

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Dealing With Trash On Your Construction Project

1 February 2017
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Trash and debris can be a large part of the remodeling or construction process and you need to have a way to deal with it. There are options, but planning for the cleanup is as much as part of the project as ordering materials or having plans drawn up. Debris scattered around the job site are not only unsightly, but it can also create a hazard to workers and visitors to the property.

Debris Buildup

One way to deal with the trash or materials pulled from a job is to remove the materials from the site as you work. In the case of a roofing project, you can remove the singles from the roof directly into the back of a truck. When the truck is full, it can then take the old singles directly off site to a landfill, transfer station, or another disposal facility. This way the trash and scrap are not hanging around the job, eliminating any safety concerns and creating a job site that is nicer to look at from the street. In some areas, the city or town has restrictions or guidelines in place that dictate just how much trash, debris, or waste can be on the site while the job is ongoing.

Roll Off Dumpsters

Another option is to rent a large roll off dumpster that can be delivered to the job site and replaced with another when the first is full. On a job that is going to generate a large amount of debris or scrap material, this system works well. It keeps the dumpster empty and eliminates the need to take someone away from the work to haul materials away from the site. You can specify the size of the dumpster you need for your job and how often you would like to have it emptied. In most cases, if you fill the dumpster ahead of the scheduled pickup, you can call the company and ask for it to be replaced early.

Recycling Materials

What about recycling materials from the job? The option to recycle things is there. You can work with some companies to have several containers on site, like one for trash and one for materials to be recycled. You will have to talk with the company about what is recyclable and what is trash and mark the containers so anyone working on the job has a clear understanding of what is trash and what is not. If implemented properly, recycling materials can offset the cost of throwing away things stripped out of the job. Reducing costs on the demolition side of the job could leave more money in the budget for the remodel or construction and maybe make the difference between you being on or under budget.