Clean Your Chimney Or Maintain HVAC Unit Before Old Man Winter Returns

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Clean Your Chimney Or Maintain HVAC Unit Before Old Man Winter Returns

27 July 2017
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Even though it is still summer and hot outside, old man winter will return before you know it. Before he does, there are things you should do to get ready so you and your family will be comfortable this winter. Find more information about this below so you can get these jobs done.

Clean Creosote from Inside Chimney

If you have a chimney you should clean it before you start firing it up this winter. This is important, as creosote can build up inside the chimney and it is flammable.  

Creosote builds up due to unburned wood particles. These particles are condensed and turned into flue gases. These gases are then deposited on the inside of your chimney.

There are three stages of creosote. The first stage is soot, which is a black, silky dust, and is very easy to remove. The soot is mixed in with ash. Ash is not combustible but the soot is.

If the soot is not cleaned from the chimney, during the second stage the creosote becomes crunchy and porous, is much harder to remove, and is flammable.  If not cleaned at this point, the creosote builds up and will be a shiny, sticky mess that drips down the chimney wall. This would be impossible for you to remove on your own if it gets to this stage.

If you see creosote, contact a chimney cleaning company to clean your chimney for you. This will ensure it is removed so you will not have to worry about a fire.

Maintain HVAC System

If you use an HVAC system to heat your home, you should check to ensure the heat is working before it gets cold outside. Even if your air is working fine this does not mean you will also have heat.

Turn off the air completely and wait for about 30 minutes. Turn the heat on high and you should feel your home warm up. You may smell a dusty smell when you first turn the heat on and this is normal.

Even if the heat works, you should hire an HVAC technician to have your unit serviced during the fall. They are very busy during this time of the year so make sure you schedule your appointment early.

The technician will check the interior of the unit to ensure everything is working properly. If they notice dust or dirt inside the unit, they will clean it out. They will also check the wiring, the compressor, the evaporator coil, and the fan. These things work together to provide your home with heat.

The chimney sweep company or HVAC contractor can give you many tips to help keep everything running smoothly throughout the winter. Contact a company, likeAllstate Chimney Service, to get started.