Think About A Mother-In-Law Apartment For Your Elderly Parent

Will your family be expanding soon? Consider hiring a contractor to help you make necessary changes to your house.

Think About A Mother-In-Law Apartment For Your Elderly Parent

17 October 2017
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When you need to move an elderly parent into your home, you may want to make sure that they still have some independence while being able to help them as necessary. There are ways that you can do that. One is to create something called a mother-in-law apartment in your house. 

Mother-in-Law Apartment

A mother-in-law apartment is often a one bedroom or studio apartment that can be added on to your house or done in a remodel of a garage or other existing structure. You could also have a smaller structure added in to your backyard if you have space, something similar to a tiny house. That will allow independence and privacy for everyone involved but still keep your parent close. So, what does it take to have a mother-in-law apartment added on to your house?


The first thing that you are going to do is to have a construction company come out to your house and take a look around at your house and tell you what it's going to take to get the apartment built. You can point out the area that you were hoping could be remodeled into an apartment, whether it's a garage, a basement, or adding a room onto your house. There are various things that the construction company is going to have to look at so before they can tell you what's possible and give you an estimate. They are going to look at things like your plumbing and electrical systems so that they can see how much work it is going to be to add in new circuits and plumbing to the already existing system. They are also going to have to look at the structural integrity of the area you want the remodeled apartment to go or the area where you want a new addition to go. The construction company is going to need to know what kind of structural integrity your house has so that they know if they have to brace up anything and where the load bearing walls are, so they can adjust the design around those walls or the braces, as necessary. 

If you need to have an elderly parent move in with you, there are a lot of things that you are going to think about. One of them is where they are going to live. A mother-in-law apartment can help you come up with a solution for that. Contact a company, like Dwell House, for more help