3 Tips To Keep A Glass Top Table Looking Like New

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3 Tips To Keep A Glass Top Table Looking Like New

13 May 2018
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A glass top table, whether used for dining or on a coffee table, opens up a space in ways heavy wood furniture just can't. The clean lines can also have a minimalistic feel, which can work well with many decor schemes. Most glass tops are built to last, but they will require some care to remain looking nice. The following tips can help you keep the glass in great condition and avoid some common issues. 

Tip #1: Use trivets and pads

Small scratches are one of the biggest threats to glass tops. Sharp corners of vases or rough bottoms on serving dishes, for example, can cause minute gouges in the glass surface. These gouges and scratches dull the glass surface and collect grime, making the glass look cloudy and worn. Hot items may also lead to clouding, particularly on glass tops that have a treatment to provide a frosted, tinted, or high gloss appearance. Use protection under any object that can cause scratches. Doilies under vases and cork-bottomed trivets under serving dishes work exceptionally well for avoiding these types of damages.

Tip #2: Avoid abrasion

Abrasion is another major concern with glass tops. Scouring pads, even the supposedly gentle nylon scrubbies, leave small scratches in the surface of the glass. Much like the larger scratches above, these then trap dirt. Worst, abrasive scratches give the entire glass top a hazy appearance. Even cleaners with scouring properties, like scouring powders and creams, leave behind scratches and hazing. Soft cloths are the best thing for wiping down a glass top. If you have stubborn messes, such as dried on food, lay a wet cloth over the mess and allow it to soak for 15 minutes. This will loosen it sufficiently, so you can wipe it up without the need to use any type of abrasive tool or cleaner.

Tip #3: Practice two-step cleaning

Two-part cleaning is the way to keep the glass top clean with minimal effort. Begin with a microfiber duster. These dusters remove all loose dirt, which could contain grit that would scratch the glass, quickly and without any damage to the glass top. Follow this with a thorough wipe down using your preferred glass cleaner and an absorbent cotton cloth. Use even pressure to wipe down the glass and do it quickly before the cleaner dries on its own, and you won't have any streaks.

For more help, contact a glass top dealer in your area.