How To Quiet An AC Unit

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How To Quiet An AC Unit

9 August 2018
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An AC system, like a car, will break down if it is not take care of. Of course, just like your favorite automobile, you should know that good AC maintenance will prolong the lifespan of your system. This will require a combination of professional servicing and annual maintenance as well as some frequent DIY jobs. Of course, some homeowners have no interest in doing any DIY work, or they simply don't have time, skills or tools for even the most basic jobs. If this is the case with your home HVAC, hopefully you are having it serviced by professionals at least once a year. If not, it could be costly. So, what are some jobs that you could do yourself? Here is one very simple, but worthwhile job for even the most novice DIYer.

Fix Your Noisy AC

Don't be surprised if you AC system is noisier than it used to be. The compressor inside the actual AC cabinet that is on the outside of your home is where most of your noise will be coming from. But, as a compressor gets older, if can get louder. This might be an early sign that you are going to need to update your AC system soon. But, just because your compressor seems a little louder doesn't mean that it needs to be replaced immediately.

Instead of buying an expensive new AC unit, you can dampen the sound significantly by investing in a compressor sound blanket. You need to buy a blanket that will fit on the make and model of your unit.

How to Install the Blanket

The hardest part is usually accessing the actual compressor. The AC unit will have a removable top that can be separated from the unit by removing the mounting bolts. These bolts need to be removed with a power drill. Once the bolts are out, you still need to lift the heavy fan out of the way. It is probably a two person job. The compressor is at the bottom of the unit and should be rather unobstructed, if just a little bit awkward to reach. The blanket will have velcro and should already be perfectly sized for your compressor so that it fits snug around it. Just make sure the blanket is secured before you start to put everything back together.

This simple blanket should make your AC unit much quieter when it is running. For more information about air conditioning maintenance, contact a local HVAC company.