Natural Stone Vs. Vinyl Shingles

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Natural Stone Vs. Vinyl Shingles

24 September 2018
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There is definitely not just one roofing material that is perfect for every home. In general, you would be smart to install a roofing material that will change the style of your home while also increasing the insulation of your roof. A new roof will hopefully have a positive impact on the curb appeal of your property. When you are shopping for roofing shingles, you will probably have to compromise in one way or another. If you choose the most stylish natural stone shingles, they are going to be very expensive and more demanding to maintain. On the opposite end of the spectrum, super affordable vinyl shingles might look fake and plastic. So, you have to decide what characteristics you most value. This article should be helpful.

Vinyl Roof Shingles

Most vinyl shingles are 100% waterproof and claim to be fade resistant. But, if you have vinyl on your roof for over 20 years, the color is surely going to become more dull. If you live in a multi-million dollar home, adding vinyl shingles to your roof could make your exterior look cheap and less luxurious—basically, less valuable. But, if you live in an old home with an old and outdated roof, vinyl shingles can greatly increase your property value.

Most vinyl shingles have some sort of printed finish which usually looks like a natural surface, whether it be stone, wood, or tile. This is where many people are divided about vinyl. Some think that they look cheap and cheesy. Others are very impressed by how authentic they look. Regardless of your opinion, they are certainly great value for the money.

Natural Stone Roofs

Natural stones can vary in cost because some rocks are just more costly than others. But, even the cheapest natural stone is going to be more expensive than a vinyl shingle. Natural stones are quite practical because they are strong and offer great natural insulation. The texture of stones is rougher than vinyl, so there is a risk of moisture absorption. This usually leads to mold, dirt, and moss buildup. So, you might need to invest in intermittent roof cleaning if you install a natural stone.

These two roofing products couldn't be more different from each other in terms of aesthetics and durability. They are both practical for some homeowners, so you just need to determine which will be the most practical for your particular property.