Considerations And Tips For Homeowners Looking To Add An Automatic Garage Door To Their Home

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Considerations And Tips For Homeowners Looking To Add An Automatic Garage Door To Their Home

5 December 2018
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Homeowners can often make the mistake of severely neglecting the complexity of various home improvement projects. While garage doors are common, adding them to a home can require diligent planning. This will involve planning for both the addition of the garage door as well as the maintenance and care that this new feature will need.

Consider The Energy Rating For The Garage Door

The energy efficiency of a garage door is an often underrated consideration. This can be an easy factor to neglect due to most homeowners spending little time in their garages. Yet, heat gain or loss that occurs in the garage can have a negative impact on the energy efficiency of the rest of the home as these temperature changes can seep into the house. This can make reviewing the energy efficiency of any garage doors an important factor to review before buying a door for your home.

Have A Battery To Provide Emergency Power

Being unable to use your automatic garage door opener can be an annoyance. However, this is the situation that you can face if your home's garage door does not have a battery backup and the electricity fails. Luckily, these backup systems are not very expensive, and they are extremely small. This can make it much easier to add them to any garage door with an automatic opener.

Ensure There Is Room For The Door Rails And Other Large Components

As you are reviewing the potential garage doors that you are looking at installing, it is essential to be very mindful of the total amount of space that you have available to you in the garage. In particular, you must make sure there is sufficient space for the placement of the supports, guide rails and mechanical components of the door. The amount of space that these components will need can vary depending on the design of the door. Fortunately, the space required for these components is often specified in the buyer's guide or manual.

Make Sure That You Keep The Safety Sensors Clean

Ensuring that the garage door is able to safely operate will require the sensors on it to be kept clean. These sensors usually incorporate small lasers or other proximity sensors that can alert the door system when an object is in the path of the door. Unfortunately, dirt can get on these sensors, which can prevent them from working correctly. Every few weeks, these sensors should be gently cleaned to remove these substances from them.