Another Storm Is Coming! How Can You Quickly Patch Up Your Roof?

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Another Storm Is Coming! How Can You Quickly Patch Up Your Roof?

19 April 2019
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Having a storm rip through town and damage your roof can be frightening. But when you realize another storm is about to hit and there are still missing shingles, loose flashing, and other issues to contend with — that's when you get really nervous. If you don't manage to fix the small roof issues before the second storm hits, your roof may be gone completely by the time it's all over! Thankfully, while there are no guarantees, there are a few things you can do to quickly patch up the roof and help it weather another storm.

1. Nail down some more shingles.

You probably don't have time to carefully replace every missing shingle right now, but you can at least climb up on the roof and nail some shingles over any missing ones as a patch. Whatever cheap shingles you have laying around or can find will be fine. Use roofing nails, and nail them on right over the areas where shingles are missing. Then put a dab of caulk or roofing cement over each of the nail heads so they don't leak. You'll have time for prettier patches after the storm.

2. Super glue down the flashing.

If there's loose flashing around a chimney or other item, you could normally caulk it down. But if you do not think caulk has time to dry (it takes about a day), super glue is a good alternative. You'll need to use a lot of it. Buy the gel formula, as it sticks better. Squeeze some between the loose flashing and the chimney, and then press the flashing against the chimney, holding it in place for a minute. The super glue should adhere, which will prevent the flashing from being completely torn off during another storm.

3. Re-attach any gutters.

If your gutters are loose, you will want to reattach them before the storm. Otherwise, the water will just build up on the roof and cause more damage to your shingles. An easy way to reattach loose gutters when you're in a hurry is with zip ties. You can simply run the zip tie behind the metal piece to which the gutter was previously attached, loop it around the gutter, and pull it tight. 

Once you've completed these tasks, it's time to hunker down and ride out the storm. When it's all over, call a roof repair company to come make formal repairs to your roof. Visit websites like for more information.