Three Places To Install Recessed Outlets During Your Custom Home Construction

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Three Places To Install Recessed Outlets During Your Custom Home Construction

16 December 2019
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You might not give much thought to the wall outlets in your home when you're working with a custom builder, but even something as seemingly minor as this topic is worth your attention. While it's important to have an adequate number of outlets in each room, you should also give some thought to the types of outlets that you'll employ. One such option is a recessed outlet, which is set into the wall. When you plug a cord into a recessed outlet, the cord won't stick out past the surface of the wall, allowing for a sleeker look. Here are three places that you'll definitely want recessed outlets:

Behind Couches

The placement of furniture might not be on your mind when you're designing a custom home, but it definitely should be. Choosing the size and shape of your various rooms based on what furniture you want to eventually use in them will ensure that you maximize the available space. When you're deciding on the size and shape of your living room, think about where you'll place your couches. You can then let your builder know that you want recessed outlets in these areas. These outlets will allow you to plug lights and other devices in without having to keep the couches an inch or two away from the wall.

Behind The Head Of The Bed

It's also common to have a wall outlet behind the head of your bed. While this outlet won't be very accessible once your bed is in place, it doesn't need to be. Generally, you'll have each of your bedside table lights plugged into this outlet, thus meaning that it's operating at full capacity. Think about where you want the head of your bed in the master bedroom, and then plan to have a recessed outlet in this location.

Behind The Entertainment Unit

If you're planning to set up an entertainment unit in your living room, you should know that a recessed wall outlet will be an asset in this location, too. The area will look tidy when you're able to push the unit as close to the wall as possible, but this won't be the case if there's a conventional outlet in the way. With a recessed outlet, you can plug in the TV and receiver and set the unit snug against the wall without interference. Talk to your builder about other areas in which recessed outlets might be useful.

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