If You're Building A Log Home, Consider Adding One Of These Rooms

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If You're Building A Log Home, Consider Adding One Of These Rooms

21 January 2020
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Building a home is always exciting, but this can especially be true when you choose to have a log home built. Log homes are somewhat common in rural areas and can be an attractive focal point on a large and treed property. There are all sorts of directions that you can take when you're planning your log home. Some people prefer the interior to contain lots of exposed wood, taking on a rustic appearance. In other cases, people opt for a modern interior to contrast the traditional look on the outside. However you proceed, you might want to think about adding these rooms — each of which can be suitable in a log home.

Dry Sauna

A dry sauna can be a worthwhile addition to your log home. Not only can it boost the value should you eventually decide to sell, but it can also be an enjoyable feature for you, your family, and even your guests to use. Dry saunas are generally made of wood, which can be appealing for someone like you who evidently appreciates the look of wood. This contained space requires a heating element to help it get hot, as well as some benches on which to relax. You may also want to include a changing room and/or a bathroom nearby, especially if you anticipate gatherings in which your guests will be using the sauna.

Recording Studio

If you're an avid musician who enjoys making and recording music, this type of space can work really well in a log home. Many recording studios are built of wood; the resonance of this natural material makes for superior acoustics over something more modern and conventional, such as drywall. A recording studio can be a major undertaking, but you should keep in mind that this space doesn't have to be vast. Even something the size of a standard bedroom, perhaps positioned somewhere in the basement of the log home, can be optimal.


Any avid reader will likely love the idea of having a home library, and this is a space that can work particularly well in a log home. If you favor the look of something traditional, a home library with log walls — perhaps under a vaulted ceiling with high bookshelves that are only reachable via a wooden ladder — can be an attractive feature and one that generates a major wow factor for those who enter your home. It can take a long time to set up the library with your collection of books, but the look of the end result can make the effort worthwhile.

To learn more, reach out to companies that build log homes in areas you are interested in living in.