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Modular Steel Buildings? What You Can Get For Your Money

28 November 2016
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Modular homes have been a very popular product for years. They are homes that are constructed, in sections or modules, in a factory and then delivered to a construction site. Because the homes are already pre-built, they modules only have to be installed and securely attached to each other before the home is considered complete. Now you can buy general Steel buildings that are very similar to modular homes, except that these steel buildings are not residences. Read More …

4 Tips When Working On Remodeling Your Bathroom

1 November 2016
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The bathroom is sure to be one of the most visited rooms in your house. This is where you likely prepare for both the day and the night as well as make several visits throughout the day. It's a great idea to make this space in your home as attractive and user friendly as possible by making some noticeable and useful changes. Tip #1: Pick the ideal vanity Having a place to get ready each morning is essential for getting the day started off right. Read More …

Why Is Your Attic Insulation Moist?

14 October 2016
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If you go into your attic and find that your insulation feels moist, it's important not to ignore this issue. Not only will mold begin to develop in the wet insulation, but the ability of your insulation to block heat transfer will be impeded, so your energy bills may shoot up and your home may grow cooler (or warmer in the summer.) There are two common causes of moist attic insulation: roof leaks and poor attic ventilation. Read More …

Wood Siding Versus Vinyl Siding: Which Is Right For Your House?

2 September 2016
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When you are ready to replace your home's siding, you have several choices available to you. The material you choose can depend on many factors, including cost, appearance, and maintenance. Here are a few things to consider when selecting between vinyl and wood siding for your home. Cost Cost is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to home renovations. Knowing what fits within your budget will help you to make your final decision about what is right for your home. Read More …

Get Kitschy With A Funky And Functional Kitchen Island

16 August 2016
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A kitchen island is the perfect place to relax and catch up with family members, prepare your favorite meals, and enjoy a morning cup of coffee. These kitschy kitchen staples also offer expanded storage in a room where there simply never seems to be enough! Talk with a kitchen remodeling contractor about adding an island to the hub of your home, and check out some of the styles available at home improvement retail venues to garner ideas for your own space. Read More …