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Redoing Your Bathroom? 5 Costly Mistakes To Avoid

4 May 2016
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Planning a bathroom remodel project? It's a great way to enjoy your home more while adding value to it at the same time. But that all depends on making the right choices when renovating. To help you, here is a handy guide to the top mistakes homeowners make when planning their new bathroom. Fudging the Budget Numbers. It's vital to be realistic about what your budget is and how much of your renovation goals it can achieve. Read More …

Can Flood-Damaged Wooden Furniture Be Saved?

13 April 2016
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Water damage is one of the greatest problems that can happen to a property, but luckily, water damage on wooden furniture is often reversible. As with other water damaged items, expediting the drying process is important. The following frequently asked questions and answers will help you determine whether or not your wooden furniture can be saved, and how it can be done. Can flood-damaged wood furniture be saved? Yes, flood-damaged wood furniture can often be saved, provided that it's properly dried after being removed from the flood waters, and then refinished. Read More …

Finishing A Basement Ceiling

30 March 2016
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It is a great plan to add more living space to your home by finishing off the basement. However, many things must be considered before the process begins and you make the investment. A good plan must be in place beginning with any moisture problems. Consider the best options for the ceiling, including insulation and lighting sources. Make it Efficient It is important to seal any existing gaps between the pipes that extend to the rest of the home. Read More …

Low Water Pressure ~ Your Well Pump May Not Be The Culprit

4 March 2016
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If you reside on a property that relies on well water to supply it, you have likely been advised that low water pressure is a sign of a failing well pump. This is true, but sometimes there are other things that negatively impact water pressure in well water systems. The following are examples of other things that can result in low pressure or low water flow.  Water Source Issues A water drought could be the cause for your water pressure issues. Read More …

What To Do When You Want Interior Brick Walls In Earthquake Country

10 February 2016
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If you have just moved to a quake-prone section of the country from a non-quake-prone area, you are in for a new experience, to say the least. This is especially true if you're looking at houses to buy. Not only do you have to get used to occasional shaking, but you have to redo your concept of decorating and having a strong, sturdy home. If you are used to brick being one of the strongest materials available (maybe you came from a windy area where brick was king), now you have to get used to brick being one of the more dangerous materials available. Read More …