Making Room for Baby

Will your family be expanding soon? Consider hiring a contractor to help you make necessary changes to your house.

5 Tips For Remodeling Your Basement

19 March 2018
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One space in your home that you may want to alter to make the most of is your basement. This could be an area that you've not paid much attention to for some time and want to remodel. The good news is there are many things you can do that will allow this space to be both usable and functional for you. Being aware of basement remodeling best practices is sure to make this process less stressful and more efficient. Read More …

How To Handle 40 Year Recertification

16 February 2018
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When you purchase, own or buy homes in many states or other jurisdictions, it may be important to learn about 40 year recertifications. The more that you know about these inspections and certifications, the more prepared you'll be as a homeowner. You will need the assistance of some contractors that can tackle the work for you. Be sure that you read the information below in order to handle your property accordingly. Read More …

3 Important Things to Do to Have a Dry Basement

10 January 2018
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Do you have a basement that tends to flood every spring? Are you trying to get this fixed so that you don't have to deal with yet another basement flooding this year? Having a basement attached to your home can be great. Less great is having a basement that is damp and is prone to having several inches of water within. Fortunately, there are a number of things that can dry out your basement and reduce or eliminate the potential for flooding. Read More …

Two Types Of Spray Foam Insulation And How To Use Them

20 November 2017
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As a new homeowner, you are probably very excited to start some DIY projects. While that is all fine and good, there are going to be some trial-and-error mistakes along the way as you do not have sufficient working knowledge about some things. Take insulation, for example. Sure, you are familiar with the roll-out fiberglass insulation typically used to insulate your home, but do you know anything about spray foam insulation? Read More …

Think About A Mother-In-Law Apartment For Your Elderly Parent

17 October 2017
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When you need to move an elderly parent into your home, you may want to make sure that they still have some independence while being able to help them as necessary. There are ways that you can do that. One is to create something called a mother-in-law apartment in your house.  Mother-in-Law Apartment A mother-in-law apartment is often a one bedroom or studio apartment that can be added on to your house or done in a remodel of a garage or other existing structure. Read More …